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House Containers

Prefab container houses are among the first preferred structures for every area such as summer house, winter house, mountain house or a permanent living area.
They offer long-term and safe use, they are affordable, eco-friendly, fast to build and cost-effective.

Prefab container houses offer no end of architectural possibilities.
A wide variety of modern design container house can be designed. You can have modern houses with very aesthetic design with interior and exterior designs that can be shaped as desired and can be customized with every luxury amenity.
They are prepared and produced according to your needs in our factory, ready for use, and transported directly to your site.
Prefab container houses can be stacked in almost any layout, vertical on top of each other up to 3 levels, and interconnect horizontally, to form larger spaces.
They can be expanded easily, at any moment.

Basic configuration and equipment

Monoblock, 2mm galvanized steel profile with anti corrosion protection
40mm PUR sandwich panel, white
0.5mm galvanized steel
100mm mineral wool
20mm OSB panel
0.5mm galvanized steel
100mm mineral wool
20mm OSB panel
Vinyl sheeting
Door - Window
Solid PVC door 80cm x 200cm, white
Double glazed PVC window 100cm x 100cm, white
Electrical installation
1 external connection panel
1 fuse panel
1 light switch
2 220v sockets
2 40W led panels

Standard dimensions

300 cm
240 cm
270 cm
400 cm
240 cm
270 cm
500 cm
240 cm
270 cm
600 cm
240 cm
270 cm
700 cm
240 cm
270 cm
800 cm
240 cm
270 cm
900 cm
240 cm
270 cm
1200 cm
240 cm
270 cm

Customization options and extra equipment

Each container application is unique, with unique requirements, therefore you have the option to choose between the standard model or a custom-made container, tailormade to suit your needs.

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